Sata Cables

Sata Cables

Sata Cables

Every Hard Drive Requires a Sata Cable.  Shop and purchase your next sata cable with us. We promise to have whatever sata cable you are looking for in our catalog.

If you have any questions about any item you are purchasing please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 live support department.  Thank you for shopping on Part Outpost!

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22 Pin Male to 22 Pin Female SATA III Extension Cable 2.35 Inches


6 Pin Slimline SATA 15 Pin SATA Power Cable


Akyga AK-CA-51 2X SATA III 6Gbps Female 90 Degree Angle Data Cable Hard Drive 50 cm


Assmann Electronic ak-400104-005-r SATA Cable Red


Assmann Electronic ak-430405 – 003-M Internal 0.3 m SATA 2 x 15-Pin SATA Black, Red, Yellow Power Cable


Benfei 15 Pin SATA Power Y-Splitter Cable 8 Inches – 2 Pack


BENFEI SATA Cable III, SATA Cable III 6Gbps 90 Degree Right Angle with Locking Latch 18 Inch for SATA HDD, SSD, CD…


Cable Matters 2-Pack 15 Pin SATA to 4 SATA Power Splitter Cable – 18 Inches


Cable Matters 2-Pack 22-Pin Power and Data SATA Extension Cable – 20 Inches


Cable Matters 3-Pack 4 Pin Molex to Dual SATA Power Y-Cable Adapter- 6 Inches


Cable Matters 3-Pack 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable (SATA to Molex) – 6 Inches


Cablecc 15Pin SATA Male Power Cable to Molex 4-pin IDE Hard Disk Drive Power Adapter


CRJ SATA 15-Pin Power Y-Splitter Black Sleeved Cable


CRJ SATA Power 15-Pin Male to 4-Pin Peripheral Female 12″ Sleeved Adapter Cable


CRJ SATA Power 15-Pin Male to SATA 6-Pin Slimline Sleeved Power Adapter Cable


CRJ SATA Power Extension Cable with High Density Black Sleeving 24″

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